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Primarily 1920's Radios (Also Scanning Disk TV)
*** Thanks to those collectors who made sets available for photos ***
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Welcome to the " Radio MAK " old radio pages. These pages primarily emphasize radios of the 1920s, with some material from outside that timeframe (mostly later, but minimal examples of earlier sets). A page of speakers of the 1920s is also included, as is some material on scanning disk television.

The primary intent of these pages is to show radios that may not be readily found elsewhere on the internet (e.g., Iowa radios ). Having said that, some rather common examples (e.g., Atwater Kent ) are also included, to provide some sense of an overview of sets of this period. A textual history of radio development is also available on another "Radio MAK" page.

The left column below includes a number of specific manufacturers of 1920s radios. The right column is organized by other categories, e.g., radios of a particular area, speakers, scanning disk TV, etc. For either column, click on any picture (or text) to view associated page containing additional pictures.

Specific Manufacturers
1920's Radios

Atwater Kent


Chicago Radio Labs






Additional Manufacturers,
Represented in "Other Categories"
column on right:

Click on name for associated page
Brush (Beetle)
Florentine (speaker)
Main, W.F. (Splendid)
Meyers (tube)
Music Master
National Electric (Standard)
Pennsylvania Wireless
Pittsburgh Radio Supply
Quaker Oats
RCA (Radio)
RCA (Speaker)
Shenandoah (Henry Field)
Universal Radio (Boissonnault)
Western Television


Other Categories
1920's Radios

Iowa Radios


Pennsylvania Radios


Misc. Radios, Crystal Sets


1920's Speakers

Speakers of the 1920s



Scanning disk television


"Modern" Radios

transistor radios


A summarized history of radio development is included on another "Radio MAK" page. (Click here.)

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