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  CR-2 receiver, possibly modified


CR-5    RORK
  The CR-5 was a single tube regenerative receiver. A companion 2-tube RORK audio amplifier (and other amplifier options) were available to allow the CR-5 (or other similar sets) to be used with a (horn) speaker.

CR-9    CR-9 Inside
  The CR-9 integrated the capabilities of a CR-5 and a RORK amplifier, forming a complete 3-tube receiver. Note the recess in the hinged lid (upper right corner). This allowed for the additional height of earlier "tipped" tubes.

MU-1 Synchrophase    MU-1 Inside
  The MU-1 Synchrophase was a neutrodyne (neutralized TRF) set representing a departure from the regenerative CR series. Earlier Synchrophase sets used 3 completely independent tuned stages. The later version included selectable mechanical coupling of the 3 tuners, implemented through a chain drive mechanism. Clutches on the outside tuners allowed them to be mechanically coupled to the center tuning capacitor, or decoupled for fully independent tuning.

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