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Iowa Radios of 1920's
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Welcome to MAK's Iowa radios of the 1920's page.

This page features radios made in Iowa, or at least having nameplates suggesting Iowa origin. Note that additional pages featuring other radios of the 1920's are also included on this site, along with speakers of the period, and crystal sets. Also featured is some limited material on scanning disk television, where it is notable that the first educational television station in the US was in Iowa City, IA, broadcasting a sophisticated scanning disk format. Click here to go to the main Radio MAK old radio page for links to this additional material.

While a number of radios have been located that indicate links to Iowa, many were actually manufactured elsewhere, and some are of unknown origin. Tresco's Iowa origins are well established, and at least circumstantial evidence suggests Continental and Qualitone were from Iowa. Where information is available suggesting other origin, it is noted in the material that follows.

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Cedar Rapids 1920s radio page

Norman Baker / Tangley (Muscatine, IA)
  Pictures of specific sets:
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Tresco 1-tube receiver
  Tuner / Detector of "Sectional Universal" Set, ca 1922
  Tri-Cities Radio, Davenport, IA

Continental C-22
  Continental Radio, Newton, IA 3-tube receiver

Qualitone 2-tube Receiver, Type DR
  Qualitone, Sioux City, IA

Shenandoah 5 Receiver
  Henry Field, Shenandoah, IA

Holmes Receiver
An internal paper tag is the only identification on this set. Interior photos above show wood removed from the case bottom to accommodate a large audio transformer (which may be a replacement), and a crude holder for a "C" battery. One may also note the unusual tube holders and "Salisbury Patent" notice.
  F. A. Holmes & Co., Waterloo, IA

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