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Honeywell Mobile Billboard
"Wanted: Flight Control Engineers"
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Last Update(s) Aug 2, 2004 (additional photos)

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Disclaimer: This page shows a recently observed, somewhat interesting advertising approach.
It is not intended to endorse any companies, either in advertising or avionics.

Left side

Right side

Upon noticing photos being taken from left side of truck, the driver suggested right side might look a little better. Yes, fewer wrinkles on the good side.

New: In response to requests from the user community, slightly better resolution photos are included below.


The advertising appears to be related to a major contract win, as suggested by a 7/15/04 article titled:
"Honeywell Named to Supply Flight Control Electronics for Boeing's New 7E7 'Dreamliner' Long Range Aircraft" (Click here for article.) The article quotes Honeywell's CEO as saying this provides technological value differentiation to Boeing, and a favorable return on investment to shareholders.

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